Kashmir Garden Philadelphia Review

Kashmir Garden

9321 Krewstown Rd
Philadelphia, PA 19115

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kashmir garden philadelphia

Kashmir Garden Philadelphia - Bad Food & Service

If you want to turn your friends into foes, invite them to a meal at Kashmir Garden in Philadelphia.

The food and service are that bad at this restaurant in the Krewstown Shopping Center on Krewstown Road in North East Philadelphia.

We went with some friends, who were clearly not happy with the food. Neither were we.

The restaurant is fairly spacious with well laid-out tables.

We went for lunch on a week day but there wasn't much of a crowd.

There were a few standout dishes but the majority of the dishes we ate were below par.


Chicken Tikka Masala was a travesty of a dish. It was terrible, lacked flavor and was just too hard.

Other dishes that we tried included Tandoori Chicken, Potato and Brinjal curry, and Bhindi and Potato Curry. None of them had any merit and seemed to have been dished out by the chef in a hurry.

One dish that we can heartily recommend though is the Medhu Vada. They were crisp and fried just right.

The Egg Curry was delicious too. Forgetting our Cholesterol issues and throwing caution to the winds, we dug into the Egg and the accompanying Curry with gusto.


The service at Kashmir Garden leaves a lot to be desired. When we asked for the Dessert menu, our waiter sarcastically told us that it was right there in the main menu that we were looking at. He was wrong and later got us a different menu.

No one paid attention to our empty water glasses.


On the Desserts front, we tried the Pista Kulfi ice cream and Gulab Jamun. While the Kulfi was not the best we have had, it wasn't bad either.

Masala Tea is a standard fixture at most Indian restaurants and one of our favorite beverages. But the Masala Tea at Kashmir Garden had little resemblance to the real thing. It had no Masala flavor at all and tasted like plain old Indian Tea.

Kashmir Garden serves a lunch buffet for $7.95 Monday through Friday and $8.95 on Sundays.

The restaurant is located next door to an Indian grocery store (presumably owned by the same folks since our credit card receipt had the KG Grocery name on top). - © PhillyIndia.us

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